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what's the lowest you've ever restricted?

Discussion in 'Anorexia' started by sweetpeach, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. 180-350 for 3 months with some fasting days...
    Also 0 an fasts
    I was miserable
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  2. 0 to 350 which I did for about 2 months, lately it's been about 500 to 800 for a year now
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  3. 300cals everyday. I hit my LW doing that but now I don’t think I could ever do that again. I’ll high restrict to 1000 cal everyday unless I binge then I fast for two days, idk why but fasting is so much easier than low restriction now
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  4. 200 kcal for 4-5 months, then 300 kcal for 2-3 months, and 500 for 2-3 months
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  5. Years ago: fewer than 200 cal a day for around three months. Slept about 18 hrs a day. (TMI - I did not poop during that whole time.)
    Clearly unsustainable.
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  6. For a long period of time?
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  7. Longest I’ve fasted was 7 days and I had two pickles and one apple in that time period. Does that count as fasting? I counted it haha. Now I’m on day 19 of ABC

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  8. omad, 200-300 cal meals + every day exercise
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  9. 300-500 when my AN first started (that intake wasn't sustainable)
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  10. 250 at my worst. I ended up in the hospital of course.
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  11. My lowest was 65.
    I stayed that way for a week. 0/10 do not recommend.
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  12. When I was at my worst 20 years ago, I was eating 200 calories twice a week. Sometimes less if I could get away with it.
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  13. Besides fasting, 300 a day.
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  14. Besides fasting like 3 days a week,
    My limit was 350 cals for 2-3 months.
    And I lost 40 pounds.
    Was not active at all I literaly only left my bed to go pee and shower like once a week
    I had a very severe case of mononucleosis and it left me bed ridden and not able to walk lmao

    AnYwAyS needless to say that didn't last long and sent me into a probably 10 month long binge and purge cycle. It was fucking terrible because I KEPT LOSING AND GAINING THE SAME 15 POUNDS THE WHOLE TIME.

    I've lost 10 pounds since out of this binge cycle though and now I keep it at 600 cals or less but up to 800 is OKAY. Anything above 800 I have to purge sksnzksnmdkala

    Anyways the lesson here is be careful with doing low restriction unless you add in some high calorie days or you make room for a small treat or something because FUCK was I pissed

    Sorry this was long idk why I typed it all

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  15. Well besides long periods of fasting (72+ hours a week) I did under 100 cals for a while, but that was a while back. For me it's more of a weekly thing so instead of 300 a day it's 2,100 a week so some days I limit under 100, others I have to fast, others can be 500. That's more so how I do mine but I have an average limit at 600 usually but always try lower.
  16. My lowest (currently) is 1-500 calories.

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  17. 500 once a week, mostly because i do a lot of exercise on mondays, and other days im like "foood....foooood"
  18. Maintained - 600
    Short-term - just fasting
    This as like a year ago now lol couldn't do it now. Need to go longer.
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    I used to be afraid to consume anything with calories.
    The lowest number I think was 300. That was hell...
    I don't count anymore. I just fast all day and maybe nibble oatmeal, crackers and/or peanut butter, if I absolutely must eat something.
    I save my one meal for dinner, when my bf is home.
  20. 0-300 but I wasn’t really even trying, I just wasn’t hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy about the weight loss but I also physically couldn’t eat more without feeling very sick. Landed me in the hospital at a not super low weight though so it’s safe to say I’m not doing that again.