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Who We Are

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by anamanaguchi, May 3, 2019.

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  1. Welcome to Pancake!

    We are a support website for those that struggle with eating disorders. Pancake is here to offer a safe and supportive environment for anyone in their life who has struggled with an eating disorder. We welcome individuals from all different walks of life to Pancake with the hope that having a safe environment for them to express themselves will help with one of the most dangerous parts of having an eating disorder: isolation. Being able to freely talk about your struggles with other people can be life saving.

    We encourage a friendly and supportive environment.

    Members are expected to be supporting each other, not tearing each other down. We have zero tolerance for intolerant attitudes or judgmental treatment. We encourage positive and constructive discussion and interactions rather than arguing, belittling, or invalidating others experiences. Roasting newbies, disrespectfully criticizing others methods of coping with their ED, or making judgement calls is not what we're about. Everyone is struggling in their own way.

    We try our best to make Pancake a safe space.

    If you don't support the idea of a 'safe space', Pancake is not for you. The Internet may be big and scary but we at least try to make Pancake a home for members to come to. Privacy is of the upmost importance and extensively personal content on Pancake is unlocked based on whether or not visitors take the time to become part of the community. This helps us prevent predators, malicious individuals, and media outlets from skimming our forums looking to take advantage of our members who are here to express their vulnerabilities.

    We encourage recovery and are pro harm reduction.

    If you're looking for a 'Pro-ED site', this isn't the place. We allow members to express how they cope with their ED freely and we even have a forum (titled Crepes) for the most extreme behavior, but overall our message is that of hope for recovery and a belief that even if recovery isn't possible right now we can try to do as little damage to our health as we can. If you're uncomfortable with hearing about the dark side of eating disorders, we have features that allow members to block entire forums and threads that may be triggering or distressing for them to read.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.