You know you have EDNOS/OSFED when....

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  1. Call me out, why don't you
  2. Just wanted to say I really appreciate your profile pic.
  3. You know you have ednos when your offered food knowing dam well you want to eat it soooo bad.

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  4. When within the same week
    -you avoid a social event because there might be food and you don’t want to be tempted to eat
    -you avoid a social event because you’d rather stay home to eat tons of food.
  5. When you are completely unable to fit into any category of ED and find yourself randomly replying to posts you relate to - only to see later that you accidentally invaded the AN and the BED forums simultaneously.
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  6. Hahaha, yes! One minute I’ll be in the AN forum, the next I’m in the BED forum and before you know it I find myself experiencing a spontaneous existential crisis.
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  7. I invade the anorexia forum so much it's not cul
  8. When you really can't understand how most people manage to go on without indulging in ED behaviours. Seriously, I can't grasp how people manage to cope with the shit life throws at them. I have a minor blip and I fall to pieces immediately.
  9. When you spend six years in cyclical ED hell and your LW isn't even 20lbs down from where you started.

    I've started "self-recovery" multiple times now between 8 and 16 lbs below my SW and it feels somewhat absurd every time....
  10. When you know every single pro AN trick in the book to avoid eating. Shit, you wrote the book! Unfortunately, none of them are any use whatsoever because you always end up binging.
  11. When you gather the courage to admit to someone you have an eating disorder, they think you are joking. Haha.....sometimes my brain tells me I must be joking too or I am just really bad at having an eating disorder