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Just out of curiosity, which disorder do you most identify with?

  1. Binge Eating Disorder

    4 vote(s)
  2. Bulimia Nervosa

    8 vote(s)
  3. Anorexia Nervosa

    70 vote(s)
  4. ED-NOS

    56 vote(s)
  5. Orthorexia

    5 vote(s)
  6. Other/Don't Know

    13 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I have, like, thousands of reasons to be thin, but I'm kind of curious- what are yours? Post here to let the MPA2 community know!
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    • to get attention/to make people want to take care of me
    • to look like a sick child
  2. Love and my lack of it.

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  3. *To feel confident having sex with my boyfriend (oof)
    *So I can feel accomplished and proud of myself for SOMETHING for once in my life
    *To prove everyone wrong (I used to be overweight/obese for my entire childhood and now I'm at a "normal weight" (kms) and I'm still on my way to my ugw)
    *Attention and affection tbfh
    *So people can comment on my weight loss (makes me feel so amazing hhhh)
    *To love myself

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  4. To show the world that I can. To exert control.

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  5. to destroy myself
    to get people to worry about me
    to avoid sexual attention
    to not hate my body
    to be small
    to be more masculine
    to prove i can
  6. I think that is a very common reason to be thin. People want to prove that they can do it. :)
  7. to somehow “un-do” being chubby/fat my whole adolescence
  8. Same! I was overweight my entire childhood!
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  9. 1) because i'm trying to kill myself but everything is working against that.
    2) because i've been overweight and it hurts. physically and emotionally. the smaller i am, the better i feel.
    • aesthetics
    • because im trans and that's already hard enough to get people to date me without also being fat
    • ive never been thin as an adult, i feel like im wasting my youth and i already wasted so much of it
    • to look better in clothes
    • so gay men will actually look at me
    • to take up less space and be more lanky/androgynous looking
    • I want to stop being so conscious of every tiny bit of fat on my body and I don't think I'll get any sense of comfort unless there's no fat left to feel bad about
    • I hate the feeling of fat on my flesh. It feels very restrictive in my movements
    • I'm short af, so I don't want to look like a gross bulging doughboy
    • Aesthetics
    • I want to reach my LW and then eat like 2000 Kcal of ice cream/dessert in public and have people think "HE MUST HAVE SUCH A FAST METABOLISM"
    • easier to wear kids clothes (the length fits me better), or pass as a kid and get discounts
  10. Honestly I’ve relapsed in and out of anorexia and various other disordered stages so many times I’ve lost any motivation or ideas that something glamorous will happen when I’m thinner. I just want to keep losing weight so my ed will not make me hate myself as much everytime I look in the mirror.
  11. Bc nothing in life is better when fat

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  12. i hate myself
    p much the only reason
    i don't wanna be here
  13. Because what even is maintenance? If I'm not getting smaller, then I must be getting bigger.
  14. - to show my P.E teacher Im not a fat piece of shit
    - to shock classmates and teachers
    - to take up as little Space as possible
    - to be perfect and better than others but I Will never be
  15. if I'm not thin I don't know who I am anymore. it's half my identity now.
  16. I want to lose weight because I've never been a normal weight my entire life.
    I feel like being fat holds me back because people think I'm stupid/ childish.
    At my lowest weight, when I lost around 80 lbs, everyone was nicer to me.
    Don't let anyone lie and tell you "Oh wow, you've gotten so much cooler" or w/e since you've lost weight. Such a lie.
    I just want to lose weight because I've started getting turned away for jobs because of my weight. For promotions.
    I never wanted to lose weight to be healthy. I just wanted nicer clothes. But now I can't even find better employment because people think fat people are lazy. Don't ever get to my size, or else you will find out real quick how fake people are.