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Trigger Warning YouTube videos that put you in ED-mode?

Discussion in 'ED General' started by Maadeline, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Idk if it’s just me, but certain videos on YouTube really seem to really push me into the ED-zone. What about you guys? Share yours!
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  2. Here are some of my personal favorites!

  3. Not that triggering I suppose but like this is basically reverse IP

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  4. Actual weight loss / ED videos don't work for me usually, but this does

    I WISH I was joking ಠ_ಠ
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  5. Okay so I always watch the episode of Degrassi (you can find it on Youtube, where I always watch it lol) called "Our Lips are Sealed" where Emma develops AN (if you want to call it that because it only lasts like a week lol). It always triggers the hell out of me for some reason.
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  6. Pretty Pastel Please is honestly the best, especially when you realize how much weight she lost.
  7. :o Never heard of her. I guess I’ll check her out!
  8. Omg I'm literally watching that rn on a separate tab haha. This one didn't trigger me though but It did come up in recommended for some reason and I don't watch diet things on this google account so it was quite weird.
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  9. I really like this short film because it is rather unique and not really "in your face" about the whole eating disorder thing. Plus I like the spooky soundtrack. It is very triggering to me, more than others.
  10. Watching Amberlynn Reid. She is a “weight loss” youtubers who has gained about 300 lbs on her journey. I just tell myself if I keep eating I will be her
  11. OOH that’s a good one!
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  12. (Obligatory mention for Eugenia Cooney)
  13. Was gonna say that too lol.

    Plus that Nikocado avocado guy. The way he eats & looks into the camera really disturbs me. He started doing mukbangs & got fat from it. He's even got a playlist on his videos called "When I used to be skinny" so you can kinda see him go from a low weight to obese & it feels like it's more possible to end up like him than amber, since she's like 600lbs now.
  14. Ayyyy, good mention. I’ll have to remember to watch his videos, I just remember seeing him on an Elvis the Alien video. I’m pretty good at stuffing my face so that sounds helpful.
    ”he doesn’t know why he’s fat” BITCH PLEASE
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  15. No one mentioned Supersize vs Superskinny?

    Superskinny Housewives, Secret Eaters, Freaky Eaters, Fat Doctor.
  16. Kpop diet videos
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  17. there’s a compilation of clips from the red band society about a girl with anorexia that set me off a few weeks ago,
  18. I love that jimin diet video. I enjoy k diet videos in general.

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  19. That's the only degrassi episode I know.

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  20. anything about kpop diets, they are so organised and usually healthy foods and they exercise and dance all the time so even if im eating the same calories theyre always doing it better than i am.
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